30lb ABC Fire Extinguisher, 1/EA, #12905


ABC Dry Chemical is a multipurpose extinguishing agent that is suitable for use on Class A, Class B and Class C fires.

(Disclaimer: Please note that Thompson Safety does not ship extinguishers beyond its geographic service area. Delivery feasibility may vary depending on your location. If we are unable to deliver extinguishers to your area, a Thompson Safety representative will contact you to discuss alternatives. Shipping/delivery fees will be assessed on a per order basis)

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Manufactured to meet UL’s rigorous standards for commercial hazard protection and backed by our manufacturer’s warranty, these rechargeable products include anodized metal and brass valve assemblies for superior strength and corrosion resistance, industrial grade steel and aluminum cylinders with polyester powder coating designed to withstand harsh environments and rough usage, metal pull pins, and vehicle brackets and wall hooks for extended unit service life.

In addition, there are trilingual nameplates with operating and maintenance instruction (English/Spanish & English/French), color-coded gauges that show operating status at-a-glance, and an embedded model and serial number bar coding for easy and accurate maintenance history.



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